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Nastavení 5: Philips 1 hlasy 2.56 %
Nastavení 6: Asus 3 hlasy 7.69 %
Nastavení 7: Benq 6 hlasy 15.38 %
Nastavení 8: EIZO 1 hlasy 2.56 %
Nastavení 9: liyama 1 hlasy 2.56 %
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#13 od Fidelia 12.11.2012 - 20:43
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#12 od Blessing 26.10.2012 - 00:54
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#11 od Makendra 15.07.2012 - 05:49
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#10 od Veruca 09.07.2012 - 14:45
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#7 od omwlegqu 29.11.2011 - 13:55
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TgIBgR , njewjbcnapwj, [link=]fjokxhibphvh[/link],

#6 od Wood 28.11.2011 - 03:25
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At last, smenooe comes up with the "right" answer!

#5 od jhkmyz 26.11.2011 - 18:47
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#4 od Eve 26.11.2011 - 02:32
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And to think I was going to talk to semoone in person about this.

#3 od Jhett 26.11.2011 - 01:47
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That's a mold-breaker. Great thniknig!

#2 od Demelza 25.11.2011 - 17:30
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That's way more clever than I was expcetnig. Thanks!

#1 od Jurato Clanmember 24.08.2011 - 21:17
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monitor z notasu xD

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